Take Advantage of Smithson’s Design/Build Project Delivery System On YOUR Next Project.

Single Source Turnkey Responsibility: In addition to being held solely and totally responsible for the contracted project, Smithson assigns a single Project Manager who will work with you from the initial information gathering phase to handing over the keys. There is NEVER a question of responsibility.

Minimized Risks for You, the Project Owner: Your Project Manager will work with you to develop a rough design. From this, we can provide earlier cost estimates to help you determine project feasibility and make financing arrangements; also allows flexibility to change design/material specs before final construction documents are completed. There is NO CHARGE for this initial step should you decide not to proceed.

Significant Time and Cost Savings: Overlap of design and construction scheduling, improved communication and coordination, and overall better project management reduce both time and cost of project. Shorter delivery schedule also means reduced opportunity costs.

A Higher Quality Finished Project: Value-engineered design, efficiencies of improved scheduling, tightly controlled budgets, and quality of workmanship yield a project you’ll be proud of.

Although we encourage all our clients to consider the Design/Build process,
Smithson welcomes the opportunity to bid through the traditional approach.

Design/Build is a Project Delivery System, sometimes referred to as “The Master Builder” concept, in which the design and responsibility for all phases of construction are contracted by a single entity.

SMITHSON, INC. is a Leader in the Design/Build Construction Process

“Building a manufacturing plant requires some pretty specialized knowledge. Over the years I’ve worked with just about everybody at Smithson. I trust them and when they tell me something, then I know it’s going to happen.”

“As the headmaster at our new charter school, I can tell you that the folks at Smithson are real professionals. Building a charter school, or any school for that matter, it’s a different kind of building. One that looks nice, but is durable enough to last for many years.”