Traditional Bidding or Design-Build. The Choice is Yours.

As a general contractor, Smithson, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to bid on projects through the traditional bidding process. However, this arrangement of having a separate design firm and general contractor is often not the most efficient way to lower costs and ensure the highest quality of a project.

That’s why we always ask our clients to consider the many benefits of Smithson’s design-build process,. One of the primary benefits is the single point of responsibility placed clearly on one company. This reduces risks as well as construction time and overall costs.

Turning Your Vision into Reality

Our design team is headquartered in the Smithson Rocky Mount office and is registered under the name of E.G. Smithson & Associates, Inc. This team designs, engineers, draws plans, and stays involved throughout every phase of the project to assure all goes as planned.

Decades of experience in site analysis and value engineering help Smithson personnel generate comprehensive plans that lead to project completion on, or before, schedule. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality.

“I trust Smithson to get the job done right.”

“Working with the architect and design team is a pleasure. They’ve got so much experience and know construction so well, they seem to know what I want before I even tell them.”

“I’ve been working with the Smithson folks for almost 20 years now. They know pretty much everything there is to know about building a cold storage facility.”

Richard Belk

Earl Reese, P.E.
Design Engineer

Lee Tyson
Senior Draftsman

Tony Tyson

Lieke Wheeless