If you’re looking for a general building contractor who’s easy to work with, has a long list of successful projects, and provides excellent pricing, then you’ll want to check out the testimonials throughout our website. You’ll find that Smithson meets these requirements and much more.

Smithson Works with Seasoned Professionals or First-time Builders

Our sales personnel and project managers have worked with all types of clients. Some are professional builders and project managers themselves, while others have never been involved with a building project, such as a small business owner or the leader of a church building project.

If This Is Your First Project, Let Us Take the Worry Out.

With newcomers to the building business, we’ll sit down and explain the complete process. We’ll ask lots of questions as we begin to grasp your vision. And we’ll look for ways to add value while keeping your costs low. Early on, we’ll render rough drawings and establish specifications to make sure your budget aligns with your vision. If not, we can make alterations to better suit your budget.

If you realize the project is beyond the scope of your budget, there is no charge for the initial meetings and work done by our staff.

And If It’s Your 100th, We’ll Take the Hassles Out

For a professional needing to construct a 1.2 million square foot cold storage facility, you’ll appreciate our many years of experience and no-nonsense approach. We find that our special attention to energy-efficient insulation/materials and building technology, our knowledge of refrigeration, scheduling, and regard for opportunity costs quickly sets us apart from other contractors and builds trust with our clients.

Whether it’s retail, industrial, or commercial, we have staff who are well-versed in all facets of the design and construction of your building. Give us a call today and learn how we can make your next job go smoothly.

“Building a manufacturing plant requires some pretty specialized knowledge. Over the years I’ve worked with just about everybody at Smithson. I trust them and when they tell me something, then I know it’s going to happen.”

“As the headmaster at our new charter school, I can tell you that the folks at Smithson are real professionals. Building a charter school, or any school for that matter, it’s a different kind of building. One that looks nice, but is durable enough to last for many years.”

“My son and I don’t have the biggest farm in the county, but when we need more storage area for equipment, we always turn to the good folks at Smithson. It’s like working with family.”

C.E. (Sonny) Foster

Jimmie Carson
Vice President Operations

Lamar Walston
Vice President

David Sherk P. E.
Project Manager

Daniel Proctor P.E.
Project Manager

Brandon Casey
Assistant Project Manager

Robert Jameson
Sales Representative

E.G. Smithson, P.E.
Director, Project Manager

E.G. Smithson

E.G. Smithson started his career as a civil engineer with Mitchell Engineering and in 1967 moved to Rocky Mount, NC to become plant manager at CECO’s new manufacturing facility for pre-engineered buildings. In 1979, he became a general contractor and formed E. G. Smithson, Inc.

Today, Smithson, Inc. does mostly commercial and industrial construction, and while most projects are constructed using conventional methods, our company remains CECO’s largest volume dealer in the world.

E.G. still works with the company and serves as a project manager, consultant, and director. He continues to be able to score better than his age in a round of golf.